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Applied Gann Theory
 Applied Gann Theory
 Applied Gann Theory
There are two quite different sides to Gann analysis, the deeply theoretical, seeking to understand the essence of the science behind Gannís market theory, the Law of Vibration, and the outright practical, looking for working tools and techniques that will help with applied trading. Though our greatest interest is in the cosmological theory behind Gannís work, and the universe in general, we also specialize on the practical tools that traders need to specifically analyze and trade the markets. Some Gann experts excel at theory, while others are simply practical traders who are less focused on ideas in deference to trading techniques. This category will specifically focus upon the books and courses that provide very specific and applied tools from Gannís toolbox used for real time trading. Some may explore deeper theoretical principles and some may just focus on pure trading tools, but this category will give working techniques to better fill the arsenal of any trader. We often recommend that new Gann students focus first on developing a practical trading ability, so that they can fund their future research with profits from their trades, and then also apply new insights from their theoretical study to their practical trading as they advance. This section will help to identify those most practical tools.
Daniel Ferrera
Daniel Ferrera
Daniel Ferrera
Dan Ferrera is one of the most respected market analysts and educators in the Gann field. For 20 years his works have been some of the most popular in our catalog. Aside from being one of the clearest interpreters of Gann, he also has produced his own advanced work, The Spirals of Growth & Decay, developed prior to his analysis and presentation of Gannís theories. For those seeking a solid, Masterís Degree level education in technical Gann analysis, we cannot recommend anything more highly than Ferreraís works.

Ferrera has written detailed course on every angle of Gannís work and provides a fast track into a deep understanding of each field of Gannís work as well as advanced topics in technical analysis. He has works on cycles analysis, Gannís Square of 9, Gannís Mass Pressure Charts, one on risk management and Gannís swing trading system, another on the details of Gannís complex geometrical and mathematical tools, one on astrological Bible interpretation, on teaching how to create yearly forecasts like his own yearly Outlooks, which give a prediction for each year, and more. If you are wanting to get a first taste of Gann and to save yourself years of hard work putting together his ideas, Ferrera is a perfect place to start, and walking through his series of fantastic is like getting a Masterís degree in Gann and technical analysis.
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History’s most intriguing financial analyst, forecaster and trader, W. D. Gann produced a 10,000% return with a 93% success rate in an audited 1909 interview. Gann said his market theory was based upon the Law of Vibration, leading scholars and analysts on a 100 year intellectual quest deep into  theoretical physics, alternative science and esoteric philosophy, seeking to understand a cosmological ordering system linking the financial markets to the influences of natural science.
Our most popular author, Dan Ferrera is a master of making complicated ideas easy to apply. His 9 courses present KEY elements of Gann Theory & Technical Analysis including Time Cycles, the Square of 9, Periodicity, Price Structure, Swing Trading and Risk Management, providing advanced tools for the average trader. His popular Yearly Outlook provides a fascinating and accurate analysis of market action.

Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration! After 20 years of grueling research she discovered a complex code in Gann's texts which led her to the full solution. Following in Baumring's footsteps, Dr. Bennett lays out the science behind the Law of Vibration in an intensive 4 Volume Advanced Series revealing the Patterns, Numbers, Planets & Geometry behind Gann's secret trading system.

Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have fully cracked W. D. Gann’s full Cosmological System! He reproduced Gann’s results, forecasting markets within 3 minutes of turning points. He extended Gann’s Law of Vibration into DNA Coding, Chaos Theory, & Topology, creating multi-dimensional, mathematical models of the markets, proving them to be a fully Deterministic System. The deepest Gann research sourcework ever compiled.

A Cambridge scholar who, intrigued by the challenge of Gann’s esoteric work created a powerful set of technical tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry, Celestial Mechanics, and Pythagorean Harmonics, which project Price, Time & Trend with exact precision. His 2nd course applies the Secrets of Ancient Astrology to forecast market turns & trends more accurately than the best works on Financial Astrology preceding it.
Cutting edge Space & Solar Researchers, Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck’s Space/Time Forecasting techniques are STILL more advanced than those of NASA or the current scientific community. The Hasbroucks produced 50 years of Market Forecasts with a 90% accuracy rate and were able to forecast Space Weather, Earthquakes & Geomagnetic Storms. Their advanced techniques develop a new Theory of Space Time Field Forces & Influence.

Prandelli's work is very popular with swing traders due to the usefulness of his Gann tools which project Key Price Levels and Cyclical Turning Points. His courses present practical tools using Gann’s Planetary Longitude Lines and Master Time Cycle which combine with his KEY Risk Management & Trading Strategies to produce10-15% monthly returns consistently. His Yearly Forecast Bulletin provides his ongoing trading signals & strategy.

A profit generating Trading Strategy using Gann's best approach of Leveraged Position Trading to produce large profits from small capital using a powerful secret Options Strategy that maximizes profits through high leverage while greatly limiting risk exposure. Based upon Gann’s book, Profits In Commodities and the author's 20 years experience in Gann research and trading, this method is excellent for busy people with small capital.

A detailed exploration and analysis of W. D. Gann’s Mechanical Trading System illustrating Gann's trading strategy over a period of 15 years. Gann turned $3000 into $6 million over this period, producing a 1400% return in the first 8 months alone. This study provides the foundation that Gann required for ALL of his students before learning to forecast. These techniques still work today producing 570% return in the S&P in 2014 in 3 months!

A New Discovery of a Mathematical Pattern in the Gold Market which forecasts Gold's turns with an 85-95% accuracy over 40 years backtesting. A Scientific Proof of a Cyclical Pattern in the Gold Market which provides a 100 Year Forecast of Gold’s Major Tops & Bottoms and Bull & Bear Market Campaigns out to 2100. This insight will provide you with a series of highly profitable trades for the rest of your life!

Sean Erikson, a trader and fund manager with 25 years’ experience, provides a set of powerful astro-tools for advanced swing trading based upon celestial mechanics. The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend. This is combined with a simple astro-timing tool which indicates the next 1-3 turns out and a geometrical price projection tool which provides the two most probable price projections for each move.

The solution to Gann's Law of Vibration from the 1909 Ticker Interview. Penicka analyzes Gann’s exact words correlating them with the cutting edge science of Gann’s day to develop a system which identifies the “mathematical points of force” behind all market action. The Periodic Table of Elements determines a system of order based upon atomic structure which generates a master number set for each market defining its structure in price and time.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W. D. Gannís private courses represent the most important of all of Gannís writings, and go into much greater detail than his public book series, with which most people are only acquainted. They should be carefully studied in their full detail, as they contain the deepest insights into Gannís theories ever presented. Stock traders must be sure to study all the commodity courses and vice versa, since Gann often put techniques that applied to all markets in only one or another course.

We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann, both his courses and books. Our set of Gannís courses were initially collected and compiled by Dr. Baumring and Donald Mack in the 1980ís from dozens of original rare private course that were distributed by Gann throughout his career. Many people mistakenly think that Gann just wrote two courses called the Master Stock Course and Master Commodity Course. This couldnít be further from the truth! Each of Gannís ďcoursesĒ were actually small, ďsectionsĒ of a few pages to a few dozen pages, individually bound in paper folders. These various pieces were then compiled into different sets which he sold as various collections at different prices to different students over the decades. Some were more commonly sold to all students, while other were more secretive and sold only to close private students who often signed non-disclosure agreements, and paid exorbitantly high prices. It is these rarest pieces that make the difference between one collection and another.

The later courses Gann sold in the 1940ís and that he ďcalledĒ the Master Courses were nothing but various compiled collections of these smaller pieces, and would vary according to who purchased them and what price they paid, and were never set until after Gannís death when purchased by Ed Lambert. For instance, there are pieces that Gann advertised in the 1950ís as ďnewĒ like his Master Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions, or his rare #3 Master Time Factor Course which were never included in his ďMaster CoursesĒ, and similarly were never included with any of the Lambert Gann courses sold by Lambert or the Jonesí from the 60ís until now. So these ďmasterĒ courses are and have always been incomplete collections. Further, the Lambert Gann courses sold by Billy Jones through the turn of the century, were retyped and re-edited by Billy so that they did not provide the original unadulterated content that Gann produced, making them unreliable, edited versions. Our editions are exact facsimiles of the original copies sold by Gann, with no editing or adulteration of any kind.

Our 6 Volume set of Gannís Collected Writings was further supplemented by new finds of rare pieces, like those mentioned above, rediscovered by the Institute over the past 30 years since Baumringís death, and comprises the most complete and the only properly organized set of courses that are available. Gann has very particular sets that he sold only to his higher end clientele, placed in specific order to provide a particular logic to his work. Our collection maintains this order and includes a further collection of rare and historical courses, letters and private materials which make our collection the most complete and important collection available. Serious students of Gann should beware most ďsupposedĒ collections of Gannís writings as most are unauthorized, incomplete, and distorted representations of his work, and cannot be trusted. Our set it the most reliable set of Gannís unadulterated and most important work availableÖ
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
While W.D. Gannís own original work is a critical element for any Gann researcherís collection, most people will find Gannís work to be extremely vague, complicated and difficult to penetrate on their own. In our experience, it can take many years, if not decades for the ordinary analyst to, by themselves, digest and apply the deeper techniques of Gannís, without significant help by well-seasoned analysts and traders who have dedicated years to decoding and creating practical tools from Gannís techniques. This is why there is a fundamental and valuable secondary market of works presenting and developing Gannís ideas, and making them accessible to any trader. We believe that the best teachers in this field are not competitors, but are fellow contributors to an ongoing field of research, and that their work is mutually supportive and will provide expanded insights when more material is understood.

We maintain the largest collection of secondary works on Gann Theory of anyone in the field. Many of these books we publish ourselves, and are written by top Gann experts and experienced Gann traders from across the world. However, we also review works written by other Gann experts across the field, and add to our catalog any material we consider to be of high quality and importance from the global community of Gann analysts. With our experience in the field, we are well qualified and to provide a peer review of these materials, so as to filter out the best quality work from that of a lower caliber, and then present these to our clientele who demand the highest standards. So any book or course that you find in this catalog can generally be considered to be of the upper echelon of works on Gann analysis. We have new authors submit their research to us ongoingly, so that we are always adding new items to our catalog with fresh insights, alternative techniques or new ideas. In this way we are able to save our clients significant wasted funds in exploring the territory at their own cost.

Not Within the Boundaries of My Mind A Brief Autobiography

By Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett

Who am I? I was born very prematurely in the outback of Alaska during the endless days of summer to a US Army Sergeant who was known as the youngest member of the nuclear team, and a brilliant mother, who earned her degrees in Education (up to Doctorate in Education) sitting at the kitchen table while I sat in the room. They had a homestead in the Big Delta near Fort Wainwright, where my father served. Life was not easy as my father tells of encounters with “doggies”, my name for the bear just feet away on the front porch, as my father came around the corner of the house to check out which” doggie” was around.  The bear saw me tossed into the house by my overalls at the age of 2, followed by a misfired gun, and a wild dash down a dirt road to the neighbors, bear in chase. I thankfully don’t remember this, but I do still have the old Winchester with the broken stock, which resulted from impact with the ground as my father tried to unjam it.

It was this rugged place that was responsible for me living, as it is a fact that sometimes the best doctors in the Military are those found in the remote bases, because they don’t listen well to orders but can save a life, which in more civilized and less remote areas would not happen.  I was one of those lives.  Born at just over 3 lbs with undeveloped lungs, I was Christened within hours, as I was not expected to live.  I don’t know who it was that kept me alive, but I am thankful, even as I now live with the result of weak lungs in the high country of the Rocky Mountains.

My parents divorced a short time later, so I did not grow up with my father and my mother refused to let him into our lives.  She was stubborn and judgmental, but she believed in children. It was just when they reached adulthood that she had a hard time letting go. But she was always encouraging us to reach beyond ourselves in our studies and our lives. Her most memorable words to me were, “You can do anything you want to do as long as you want to do it. And you may do anything you want, as long as you do not hurt yourself, others or other things.”  

Those words formed much of my educational life, as she never limited what I could know or understand, and never stopped the forward progression of the freight train which would describe my attainment of knowledge, and often stood guard to make sure others did not get in the way as well. She understood when I said, “the word “impossible” does not exist, you just have not figured out how to do it.”

I left high school at 16 to go to a private high school, but was not allowed to enroll, though I was allowed to enroll instead in a private spiritual school, Summit University, in California. My time there formed the basis for the spiritual path in my life, and the experiences there gave me the strength to push on through personal adversity and obstacles, even to today.  After a semester there, I moved on to my undergraduate studies, having just turned 17. I was initially a music major, and mostly engaged in the performing arts, until I realized that science was easier than music and changed majors.

After completing 3 years of undergraduate work in under 2 years, at the tender age of 19, I entered Chiropractic College. I call those years 'The Years of Educating Lorrie'. It was a time of tremendous growth, both personally and mentally. I came to understand that my mind had no boundaries, that even when I thought there could be no more room for knowledge or understanding, I always found that there was a horizon beyond the point where I thought the boundary lay.  I have often thought that if I ever wrote my biography I would call it, “Not Within the Boundaries of My Mind,” as I don’t believe the mind has boundaries. It’s just a lack of belief in oneself and one’s ability that creates that boundary.

I finished school at the young age of 22.  No one had told me I couldn’t do it, and do it I did, and my Mom was always there, guarding against anyone telling me it could not be done. Thankfully, my time in spiritual training had given me an outlook on life that provided natural boundaries without compromising my belief in what I could do, and I have continued to live that way.  What I expect of myself, I do not expect of others.  My standards are mine alone. But they have served me well as I have gone through life.

I met my husband on my 22nd birthday, and have enjoyed the task of raising five children with him over the past three decades. Each of them is their own master, and full of life and spirit.  No two are the same.  Saying that being a wife, raising children, having a practice and doing research is easy would be misleading.  I have studied many different fields since my time in Chiropractic College from Homeopathy, Internal Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, as well as Accounting and Law. The joke in the family is that I have more letters after my name than in it. In reality, it was anything to keep a mind busy with topics to chew on and digest.

I can remember just before my 16th birthday, looking out over the Oklahoma plains from our front porch, just as the Sun came above the horizon, and asking God to show me how the universe worked.  Over the years I have felt His gentle hand guiding my mind and soul down a path that has given me the great pleasure of that understanding.  I have also cussed at God, and He answered me right back. I have felt the foundations of life shake with His answer to “Why are you putting me through this shit?”, yelled in anger and frustration to Him.  I have felt the Strength and Love He gives when he answers, and the helping hand of angels who lift you and gently hold you upright as you gather the strength to continue on.  Often times, it was He who held me up when all my soul wanted was to stop.

I have a writing from my youth where I talk about using music to heal. Never in my wildest thought could I have foreseen that this writing would become the basis for my greatest breakthrough in Gann.  I held the answer in my hands at 16, and it took years to finally realize how it all worked. Gann is not an easy topic to master, and not every mind is wired to do so. I had an advantage that many do not. He is a cousin, and we share much, genetics, the same back ground of where we grew up, how we studied, and a general outlook on life.

My family history is one that finds its roots at Plymouth, as one of the first groups of Pilgrims to come to America, to four Irish brothers who left Ireland to settle at the Litton and Sutton Plantations in the east, to those who walked across the Plains from St. Louis into Montana and Idaho in covered wagons, to Baptist preachers in Texas after walking from the East, to a young couple who were doctors from the royal family of Austria who stayed in Galveston after the great hurricane and died from cholera through treating the sick and injured, leaving a young child behind.  They are a mix of amazing historical characters who blazed new pathways with the determination to reach a new and better place for their futures, who believed in taking the risk to improve their world.  It includes those who served with great pride and honor in the Military, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, to WWII, to Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

There were other interesting characters in the story, like the one who discovered the drill bit that drills the oil wells which give the world its fuel. Howard Hughes did not invent it, my great grandfather did. He was a shipbuilder in Beaumont Texas later in life, and his life was one full of adventure.  He is in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  He was declared dead four times in his life.  Once when he fell off a paddle boat on the Mississippi and ended up on the other side of the river with amnesia.  Six months later he remembered who he was and returned home.  Then he was electrocuted in New Orleans working on the cable cars, lay in the morgue overnight, and awoke the next day. This resulted in chronic headaches which required a barrel of beer and a 5th of whiskey each day to treat.  His daughters, proper Southern Belles and a family of preachers, didn’t like his alcohol consumption, so he shot himself in the head from the pain, only to live thru it, but that did reduce the headaches to requiring only the whiskey to manage.  When he finally died at 76 he was held in the morgue for a week to make sure he was dead.  His obituary reads, “Beaumont man FINALLY dies.”

His daughter, my grandmother, was the first Baptist female preacher in Texas.  She had Bible verses written on the blinds of her home which she would use to teach others the verses.  She had one of the first cars in Houston, and even many of the roads there today are named after great Uncles who made their mark on Houston.

It is thru my grandfather, my father’s father, that my connection to Gann originates.  The Coles ran the Ice House in Lufkin, Texas.  His mother, Dorothy, was the daughter of Mary Lee Gann and Henry Thompson.  I never met him as he died before I was born, but he is an important part of my life.  He served in WWII as a chaplain in the Army.  He joined shortly after the US was drawn in, at the age of 40.  He served all the way through the war and my favorite picture of him is of him standing on the wing of an airplane delivering the prayers to the pilots before they took off on D-Day.  He was on the beaches of Normandy and cared for those fallen.  There is a story told of how, when they were preparing for the landing, his Captain asked “Lieutenant, where is your gun?” He held up his Bible and said, “this is all I need”.  His Captain took the pistol from his hip and handed it to him saying, “Just in case…”

Some in my family thought this to be a tall tale, but three years ago my daughter sat in class when a member of the 10th Mountain division from WWII visited her school and told this very story.  Her classmates having heard this already from her were astounded finding out that it was true.  She learned a lot about her grandfather that day as he was held strongly in the man’s memory for the jokes he told while they approached the landing on the beach.  One soldier began to lose it saying, “we are all going to die.”  Grandfather’s quick reply, “Good thing I am here, eh?”  and a gentle smile calmed him.  A very gentle man, from a family of preachers, who ministered to soldiers and commoners alike, who studied at Harvard and Columbia, and who was always ready to learn.  

 As far as the Gann world is concerned, R. L. Cole of Gann’s Tunnel Through the Air fame is an actual person and a great Uncle of mine. The Cole family is a family of Doctors and Preachers, just as Tunnel implies. They are educated and hard working. My father tells me that my grandmother’s greatest gripe against my grandfather was that he would buy a book every month and then expect her to read it, so that they could discuss it in their evenings together.  I have replied to that, “if that was her greatest gripe, she was lucky.”  I fear my family could say the same. My desire to learn and experience is so ingrained, that often the books drew me from those I most loved. This is my greatest fault, as my kids say. But they also always knew where Mom was.  And if they needed me I was always there…

My family honors those who have gone before and passed down their stories.  Most think they are tall tales as their achievements and actions are those of story books but it is this desire to be more than they were that we honor.  It is from these ancestors that comes the drive that moves my life and understanding forward. None ever looked back, and only death stopped their treks.  I pray that God gives me this as well.

It was this heritage of striving that drove me to find my father.  It took a decade of going into libraries and looking through phonebooks as the Internet did not exist then.  Every town I went into I would go to the library and look for his name, or else I would think of where to find him and call 411 looking for his listing in a new city or area.  Somehow, I knew that he would use his full name so that we could find him.  Eventually fate helped me out, and a call to 411 gave me his phone number, and shaking with fear that he would not accept the call, I dialed.  He was shocked to finally hear my voice, but he had told his family about us and we were welcomed with open arms.

Some might ask why I share this story, but it is in answer to a question often posed to me.  Why did you get into stocks when it is not who you really are?  It was for him.  I wanted to build a relationship with him, so I picked an area that he was interested in and learned.  He was a day trader when we met again, having retired from the Army.  He is also a very contrarian investor.  He owned AOL before it was AOL.  He had a great instinct about the markets, and could bottom fish very well.  He also was an environmental clean-up expert and made his millions by bringing his company to the market.  So, for 14 years, I studied the markets and listened to him telling of trades and experiences he had.

I was never a powerful trader, but I understood charts and formations and the key fundamentals of the markets. But I continued learning about the markets.  I took small trades and slowly built confidence.  I followed my father’s trades and at one time had made over 250K on one trade.  We would go to stockholders’ meetings together.  This had been my intention in learning about the markets, having a reason to enjoy my father’s company.  Once we went to a stockholder’s meeting during which I handed my father a pair of earrings to put in his pocket, as they were too heavy to continue wearing.  Shortly after his return home, I got a phone call from his wife inquiring if I had lost anything.  She had found the earrings and knew they were not his and not what I would usually wear, so she called.  Thankfully they were mine and Dad was safe from the dog house.  But it showed me how truly welcomed I was in his world when her response to “yeah, they are mine” was “ok, I will send them home.”

As I gained confidence I took trades I found, and studied them as I could, but I was searching for something else about the markets though I didn’t know what.  I first found Gann when I took a trade in a stock, sold it for a nice profit, only to watch it quadruple two weeks later. I decided then that there had to be a way to know when that would happen, how to forecast the moves. The next day I discovered Gann on the Internet. I purchased my first set of books from Lambert Gann for my 40th birthday in 2003. Over time I have added to my collection, so that today, I have a library of topics that spans the esoteric to the technical to the way out there.  The study of these books tied into my knowledge of esoterics, astrology and the Tarot cards from my youth.  It helped to increase the understanding of how the universe worked that I had been seeking since a young age.  The quest to understand the markets helped satisfy the need to understand the world.

That is where Gann came in.  His work is full of riddles, mystery, confusion and gobblygook, that required tremendous application of mental energy to understand. It was just the right mix for a brain searching for the answers to life. From every book I took a gem, and over time, I put those gems together to build an understanding that allows me to READ Gann. Was it easy? No. Was it hard.? No. But it did take persistence and curiosity.  Each week, as I went through the task of treating patients, cleaning house, and raising kids, I would consider what my topic of study would be for the weekend. What question would I have to answer in my study?  That is how it works…  Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

I found a kindred soul in Gann. Within the pages of Tunnel, I found the poem that had become the self-talk of my life at the age of 12, 'IF' by Rudyard Kipling.  I also found a riddle, and within 'Magic Word', a mystery, that kept my mind searching for the answers. My youth provided many of the clues required to break Gann.  From the memory of a teacher explaining what was meant to “Sound the Mississippi,” which allowed me to crack Magic Word, to the colloquial sayings that were echoed in the pages of Tunnel, to the times when Gann would sit in the chair next to my desk, nodding as I found an answer to a question.  The times when the one I call “Little Shit”, Sepharial, would grin as I related joy in finding the reasoning to something he had written, a deep truth that was literally written in the pages before me.

The solution to Gann’s Magic Word came early one morning as I got ready to go to breakfast with my husband.  Taking the moment, I had I flipped open Magic Word and read Sound, Song, Singing.  Sighing I began to close the book when I realized that Gann was reaching across my small desk, his hand touching the title, and the memory of “sounding the Mississippi” floated thru my brain.  I looked down surprised, sat down, and it was my husband closing the book that finally drew me out of the moment in time.  I grabbed the book as I stood, shoved it in my purse and blindly followed him out.  Silence met him in the car, not from anger, but from my thoughts still turning over what I had just realized.  And I began to laugh.  I can only tell you the look that accompanies the outburst of laughter from having a glimpse at the solution to a puzzle, as one of “she’s lost it”.

Breakfast was an event of me talking, turning pages and my husband’s eyes eventually rolling back in his head.  He continued to nod though I knew I had lost him, but I had found a roadmap to the path I needed to take.  Gann’s solution tied to his upbringing in the South.  It is for this reason that in Paris in 2005, when talking with one who is considered another master of Gann, Alan Blackstead, that in response to his comment that it would be an American that broke Gann, I replied, no, not just an American, but an American from the South.  Little did I realize that person would be me.  Little did I realize that it would require the understanding of how the South spoke, how they thought and how the very environment was seen that would be required.

Once having cracked the door to Magic Word, I knew that I needed more knowledge.  That is when I found Baumring.  I needed a roadmap of how to navigate the footpath before me.  I asked the question of whether anyone had found the answer, and it was his work that helped to bring more knowledge and understanding.  It would be Baumring’s work that told me I had found the answer, as buried within the pages of notes on his lecture materials was a section discussing the DOW.  It was 2007 and the market was going strong.  I had found a number span in Magic Word that I didn’t know where to put.  I read the notes for the umpteenth time and saw the number.  It was not just written but a quick calculation showed it.  That was the moment I saw the 4th dimension for the first time.  It was a blazing Sun that exploded through my head!  And I knew it was right…

I had been working on faith that I had the code in Magic Word correct, and to find it in Baumring was the confirmation I needed.  It was a few days later when I found the same number in the DOW.  And WOW! We were at the end of the time!  I knew the top was coming very soon.  I shared it with people only to be laughed at and ignored.  I sent it to someone who had worked at Janus Funds.  He ignored it, then lost millions in the collapse…

One person did listen, a patient that would travel from the East Coast to see me.  Excited by my discovery, I had told him what was going to happen, since I knew he traded.  He listened and as he told my daughter some time later, he was able to retire because “I had saved his ass” by telling him the top was in.  The fall in 2008 confirmed my numbers and I knew I had them.  I didn’t have it all, but I knew how to find the key numbers using planets from Magic Word, I knew some of the key cycles as well as many of the rules he related in Magic Word.  I didn’t give up, but I did change course.

Having discovered some amazing things in Gann’s writings, I moved on to Mundane Astrology and World Events to prove out the knowledge.  My thought was if it works in other fields as much as it works in the Markets, then it is true.  Over the next seven years I slowly proved it out.  I developed a new Astrological System for evaluating World events, earthquakes, storms and any other events that were not market related.  I needed to see it working anywhere else but in the markets.  Then, three years ago, the voice of understanding sounded again, and a deeper realization came.  In a flash of understanding, I knew what Gann meant about the numbers, and the full answer to the LOV became real.

It has taken three years to pull the rest of the understanding from his courses and other writings.  I continue to read Tunnel, Magic Word, and all the courses, working to tie things together.  But I knew!  I also learned that knowing and using were two different creatures.  Over the course of these years I have learned how to apply all the knowledge into a systematic process.  How to tie numbers to planets, how to tie the tools in the courses to the charts, and what the tools in Tunnel could do and how to apply them.  I could finally say that I understood Gann, that I had cracked what he wrote and could use it.  It was similar to the feeling of relief that the difficulty was over when I found my father.  I had the answer and could catch my breath.  But having the answer then led to the need to use it and now to teach it.

I have spent many years on Yahoo and Google group boards searching for other kindred souls to share with what I know. I have found some that became fellow journeyman and I have found others that became a thorn in my side.  It is these thorns that have caused me to write.  So often I would put up a secret of Gann only to have it shot down or to find myself dismissed from the board.  Being a non-confrontational person, I quietly went my way.  And often it was for my own betterment.  Why? Because on the day that my father found out about Gann he called laughing and asked if I knew where my Grandfather was from.  I had to admit no, not a clue.  He continued laughing only to relate that Gann was from Lufkin as was my grandfather, and he related the ties to Gann.

It was this moment when I put aside all the garbage from the boards and the efforts to solve what they said and followed my own mind.  I learned to trust in myself and my own interpretation of what Gann had written, and its meaning.  This was the moment I became free of the red herrings and misdirection so prevalent in the world of Gann.  Now after another 12 years of research I can ask why do they do this?  What is gained?  What purpose does it serve to create confusion and illusions that are not true?

This is why I am writing the series before you, to share this most wonderful knowledge and wisdom of the Law of Vibration, while also clearing the path of all the idiotic obstacles that so many have placed to prevent others from finding the truth.  The semester I did at Summit University was Pallas Athena’s quarter. She is known as the Goddess of Truth. It is that flame that I have followed in the countless hours of research and the times I have walked the path of my life.  That is why there is no attempt at confusion, illusion or misdirection.  Truth must come out! I am honor bound to tell the Truth by my duty to the Truth!

May my books give you the guidepost to follow my path until you can blaze your own way.  May you take comfort that there are those who have traveled the path and know that it can be done. May these books shine a light into the morass of knowledge and understanding until you can see the wonderous threads that tie all of Life together.

Lorrie Van Bennett


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Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Goulden takes a different approach to market analysis than most normal traders and educators. As a Cambridge educated scholar, Goulden is interested in deep principles and in exploring the foundations and implications of both trading techniques and the systems behind them. Before he was ever interested in the markets, he was asked by a friend why Gannís tools and system are considered to be based upon metaphysical principles. He found this question intriguing and engaged in deep research in the field to answer this question. In this process he recreated a new set of tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry and Celestial Mechanics. His tools are taken from the same sources as Gannís and are quite powerful, but are slightly different from Gannís, so that traders often use them as non-correlated cross-confirmation tools giving similar technical indications but from different perspectives.

His work is deep and has many layers of application and exploration that can be derived from it. His latest work on financial astrology, The Secrets of the Chronocrators, looks back to the astrological and astronomical systems of the ancients, reviving the more mathematical and technical astrology of the Great Masters of the medieval and prior times. Exploring principles like Spherical Astronomy and subtle movements of the Solar System, it seeks to develop a more advanced and scientific system of astrology determination as distinguished from the simpler forms that are generally known. It represents a new movement to re-explore the deeper scientific systems of the ancients that were lost in the press towards the development of a purely mechanical science.

Goulden is a superb educator and the most active Forum moderator that we have seen, with each of his Forums for his courses having 1000ís of posts with detailed questions and answers, deviling deeply into further and new fields of research beyond what is presented in his courses. His Online Forums serve as an advanced classroom where the details of his theories are discussed and elaborated and where students share their research and work with each other while overseen by Goulden, who continually presents new ideas and suggestions.
Hasbrouck Space and Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
One of our great historical discoveries is the Hasbrouck Space-Time Archives, a collection of rare research materials and forecast letters lost for over 30 years. This research develops a new theory of market influence based upon Solar Field Force Theory that was developed during the birth of the space age. The Hasbroucks were deeply connected to the esoteric and financial market communities from the 1920ís through the 1970ís, and contributed a new and recontextualized presentation of information taken from older original esoteric sources. They present a new field of study of solar phenomena, space weather prediction, earthquake prediction and market forecasting.

Muriel Hasbrouck was the inspiring force behind the research, which a foundation in Theosophy and trained as a classical pianist, she pursued an interest in original source works in astrology, through the turn of the 19th century into the early 20ís. She studies with greats like Walter Russell, Paul Foster Case, Aleister Crowley, and Israel Regardie within the esoteric fields. In the market realms she was close with many of the great analysts of her day like Edson Gould, Edward Dewey, Hamilton Bolton, SA Nelson, and more. She and her husband Louis produced a well-received forecasting letter for 30 years called Space Time Forecasting of Economic Trends, and are now quite famous for forecasting the exponential bull market of the 90ís and subsequent crash 50 years in advance! Their theories of Solar influence upon human and earthly experience through geomagnetic influences still lie at the cutting edge of scientific speculation.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gannís system of trading and market order. However, even further, Baumring rediscovered and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gannís Law of Vibration. There is absolutely no other Gann teaching that goes anywhere near as deep as Baumringís work, or that even so much as attempts to approach the core ideas developed by Baumring. This study is for those who are interested in the mysteries behind the markets and the ordering system behind the universe itself. This is the study of cosmological theory on its deepest level, and of the interaction between man and the cosmos in which he lives, explored through an examination of causation and propagation of forces in the financial markets.

Dr. Baumringís course program is not easy, and should not be approached without the willingness to commit at least a few years to the study. It is a long and detailed course, requiring the equivalent level of research and difficulty as most PhD programs, but in the field of Gann Analysis, which is not taught at any university. It requires many years of challenging work including the reading of many dozens (if not 100ís) of books required to develop the foundations needed to understand Gannís approach to the markets. It is a very serious study that should only be approached by those willing to dedicate themselves to intense thinking and vast research across many fields of knowledge including: astronomy, biology, physics, finance, cycles, wave mechanics, geometry, mathematics, astrology, numerology, number theory, numerous esoteric and alternative scientific theories, and much, much more. Baumring summarized his system by the term ďNumerical AstrophysicsĒ in an attempt to give a modern name to an ancient theory that Gann himself had discovered.

Of all the analysts and traders we have known, the most advanced have all come to their understanding through following the lead of Dr. Baumring, or through having gone through a similar and parallel study and path of research to his. His teachings represent the ďbest of the bestĒ of all material on Gann publicly available, but it will not give up its secrets to a mere superficial perusal. Baumring does not spell out simple explanations of how Gannís techniques work, but rather leads his students into the depth of the science behind the system, while slowly elaborating how the techniques build upon this deeper science. For those seeking a fast path to the application of Gann exoteric trading principles, this is NOT it! Baumringís work is not merely some market trading program, and indeed if approached this way may be found to be dissatisfactory.

Baumring himself often said to his students, ďIf you only are looking to make money, donít bother studying Gann, itís too difficult. Simply study swing trading systems, risk management and options strategies, and you can make all the money you want to make.Ē (Note: we have excellent books on these alternativesÖ) There are much easier and more direct methods to learn to effectively trade the markets than studying Gann. Those in more of a hurry to apply Gannís work to trading may want to begin with the work of Ferrera or one of our most applied analysts, like Prandelli or Gordon Roberts, and save the Baumring work for a later time to explore at your leisure.
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