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Edward R. Dewey
View our Edward Dewey pages
View our Edward Dewey pages
Edward Dewey specialized in cycles, and formed the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. We publish his 650 page Magnum Opus, How To Make a Cycle Analysis. Dewey also developed his Unified Field Theory called The Theory of Laminated Spacetime, presenting a scientific system behind market causation similar to Gann and Baumring.
Alan Andrews
Alan Andrews
Alan Andrews
Books by and about the geometrical techniques of Dr. Alan Andrews, developer of the Pitchfork, the ML Line and a number of excellent geometrically based tools.
Cosmological Economics, the Key focus of this website, has its origins in Gann’s Law of Vibration, interpreted and extended by the work of Dr. Jerome Baumring. Scientific phenomena are seen as a basis of correlation and causation underlying the financial market, indicating a symbiotic relationship between Cosmic forces and reactions on Earth.
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
W.D. Gann’s original work is a critical element for any Gann researcher, but many find Gann’s deeper work challenging without help from well-seasoned analysts and traders. We offer valuable secondary works presenting and developing Gann’s ideas: the best teachers in this field are not so much competitors, but fellow contributors to ongoing research.
Market Science
Market Science
Market Science
Science provides vital concepts for analyzing financial markets. Studies of momentum, moving averages, pattern formation, energy, speed, power, strength, impulse, gravity centers, electro-magnetism, solar phenomena, geomagnetic field influences, aether physics, vortex systems, vibration, and wave mechanics are of significant relevance.
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry explores natural order representing foundational templates of the cosmos, via special proportions like "phi", the Divine Proportion, ubiquitous throughout nature as a primary generating and ordering principle. Musical harmonic ratios dominate sacred geometry, showing how nature is a form of frozen music.
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory
Non-linear dynamic mathematics, known as Chaos Theory, seeks order in seeming random patterns, exploring subjects like Fractals, System Mechanics, Lorentz Attractors, and more. Dr. Baumring originated the idea that Chaos theory provided insight into market phenomena, and later the great Mandelbrot tried to apply Chaos theory to the markets.
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The solution to Gann's Law of Vibration from the 1909 Ticker Interview. Penicka analyzes Gann’s exact words correlating them with the cutting edge science of Gann’s day to develop a system which identifies the “mathematical points of force” behind all market action. The Periodic Table of Elements determines a system of order based upon atomic structure which generates a master number set for each market defining its structure in price and time.

Sean Erikson, a trader and fund manager with 25 years’ experience, provides a set of powerful astro-tools for advanced swing trading based upon celestial mechanics. The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend. This is combined with a simple astro-timing tool which indicates the next 1-3 turns out and a geometrical price projection tool which provides the two most probable price projections for each move.

Straker's Universal Golden Keys Series uses Circular Scaling thru Time-by-Degrees to provide the key to accessing Pendulum Motion in the financial markets. Straker reveals that the core of Gann Science is dependent upon specific, hidden scaling techniques needed for tools to work. He has cracked Gann's scaling system and shows how Golden Mean is hidden in Gann's work.

Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration! After 20 years of grueling research she discovered a complex code in Gann's texts which led her to the full solution. Following in Baumring's footsteps, Dr. Bennett lays out the science behind the Law of Vibration in an intensive 4 Volume Advanced Series revealing the Patterns, Numbers, Planets & Geometry behind Gann's secret trading system.

Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have fully cracked W. D. Gann’s full Cosmological System! He reproduced Gann’s results, forecasting markets within 3 minutes of turning points. He extended Gann’s Law of Vibration into DNA Coding, Chaos Theory, & Topology, creating multi-dimensional, mathematical models of the markets, proving them to be a fully Deterministic System. The deepest Gann research sourcework ever compiled.

Cutting edge Space & Solar Researchers, Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck’s Space/Time Forecasting techniques are STILL more advanced than those of NASA or the current scientific community. The Hasbroucks produced 50 years of Market Forecasts with a 90% accuracy rate and were able to forecast Space Weather, Earthquakes & Geomagnetic Storms. Their advanced techniques develop a new Theory of Space Time Field Forces & Influence.
Our most popular author, Dan Ferrera is a master of making complicated ideas easy to apply. His 9 courses present KEY elements of Gann Theory & Technical Analysis including Time Cycles, the Square of 9, Periodicity, Price Structure, Swing Trading and Risk Management, providing advanced tools for the average trader. His popular Yearly Outlook provides a fascinating and accurate analysis of market action.
History’s most intriguing financial analyst, forecaster and trader, W. D. Gann produced a 10,000% return with a 93% success rate in an audited 1909 interview. Gann said his market theory was based upon the Law of Vibration, leading scholars and analysts on a 100 year intellectual quest deep into  theoretical physics, alternative science and esoteric philosophy, seeking to understand a cosmological ordering system linking the financial markets to the influences of natural science.
A Cambridge scholar who, intrigued by the challenge of Gann’s esoteric work created a powerful set of technical tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry, Celestial Mechanics, and Pythagorean Harmonics, which project Price, Time & Trend with exact precision. His 2nd course applies the Secrets of Ancient Astrology to forecast market turns & trends more accurately than the best works on Financial Astrology preceding it.

A profit generating Trading Strategy using Gann's best approach of Leveraged Position Trading to produce large profits from small capital using a powerful secret Options Strategy that maximizes profits through high leverage while greatly limiting risk exposure. Based upon Gann’s book, Profits In Commodities and the author's 20 years experience in Gann research and trading, this method is excellent for busy people with small capital.

Prandelli's work is very popular with swing traders due to the usefulness of his Gann tools which project Key Price Levels and Cyclical Turning Points. His courses present practical tools using Gann’s Planetary Longitude Lines and Master Time Cycle which combine with his KEY Risk Management & Trading Strategies to produce10-15% monthly returns consistently. His Yearly Forecast Bulletin provides his ongoing trading signals & strategy.

A penetrating researcher after Baumring’s lead into the core of Gann’s Cosmological System thru cracking Gann’s Squaring of Price & Time. Quantifies the mechanics of Gann’s innermost system demonstrating how markets move in multi-dimensional Space/Time. Includes new and sophisticated trading algorithms which generate 4000% annualized returns, mathematically proving the markets to be an Absolute Deterministic System.

W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.

The Law of Vibration
by the Numbers The 2nd Volume in The Law Of Vibration Series

By Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett

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The Law of Vibration by The Numbers by Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett ( $6,000.00 )

 Overview From the Author

This book will provide the initial unveiling of the 13 Sacred Numbers, revealed in the secret code hidden in The Magic Word, that are the basis for Gann’s system and the natural law/logic behind them. No one would know how to use those numbers unless they have worked through the wave mechanics presented in Volume 1. This book is the primer for putting those numbers into wave form using a simple mathematically sequenced wave structure to teach it.

So far in the Law of Vibration series the process of developing wave formations has been presented to help you train your mind to see the interval waves and their interactions in an idealized/perfect structure (Book 1), and this book has presented the ideal/sacred number intervals that are used to build those waves, how to develop a number set that is created by the interaction of at least two major intervals that are in a market. (Book 2). Included is an introduction to the tools that are helpful in analyzing the chart to identify the major wave formations in a market, break them down into their lower waves structures as well as applying the number set.

In this book a system of vibratory numbers will be revealed that allows one to easily build the dominant (Primary) and Sub-Dominant (Secondary) cycles in a market. More tools will be presented that help in understanding the vibratory structure of the market and its use. These tools are primarily Gann in nature such as the Fans, Squares, Number Squares and many of the various number charts Gann utilized in his work.

Also within the works is the Periodic Table of Numbers which helps to reveal the “hidden octave” of the square root of two as well as the measures of PHI and PI and their source calculations within the very Structure of Numbers. Then by utilizing the developed Structure of Numbers and the techniques of Waves from Patterns one will be able to build a cyclic wave form that correlates to the markets they are drawn from. Techniques as well as theoretical development of those techniques will be discussed which will increase the students understanding of how to apply the Structure of Numbers as shown in the Periodic Table of numbers to project both time and price.

Numerous example Charts of the numerical LOV will be developed showing why the lows of a market can predict the very structure of that market. Also included are templates to allow the student to develop their own understanding of Gann’s Master Charts and how to utilize the information contained in evaluating the market’s time and price. Additional evaluation of the event of Attenuation from Patterns will be developed as well as presentation of the underlying number structure of the waveform.

The element of Number sets will be presented as a technique to determine the numbers which are active in a Market. This draws from Baumring’s numerous examples of utilizing Primes and divisions to develop the active number sets. Numerous examples will be presented which will provide the student with sources to develop their own number sets to define their markets as well as example markets showing the presence of those number sets working in a market.

The utilization of square roots and cube roots will be investigated explaining the why of many techniques developed over the years to explain the markets. It is the goal of this text to reveal the hidden structure of the numbers as they pertain to the markets. Giving the sacred numbers and their source as well as the relationships between those numbers that allows the student to quickly sort the numerous measures of a market into the active cycle lengths and the associated number sets.

The harmonic and musical structure of the market will be defined, calibrated and orientated to the cycle structures provided by Gann. The use of the Square of 9 as a musical octave calculator will be elaborated. The theory of how markets can be read as music will be fully explained.

I am aware that all would like to have the whole of the Law of Vibration at once, but it is being released in steps to allow the student time to absorb each part of the Law and to force them to study, practice and apply each step along the way because if you miss a step, the Law is not as clear, and its usefulness diminishes with each missed step.

I have broken the series into points where if the information is taken and applied the student could continue to progress in the Law even if no other books were purchased. This makes the work available to all at least in some form. Don’t expect mastery in a few days, weeks or even months. As each step was taken in my research, a span of years could occur as I practiced the steps and watched what was occurring in the charts.

It is my hope that by presenting this information, it will shave at least a decade off your studies and path to mastery, but you must still perform the exercises and spend the time drawing on charts. But having this knowledge will speed up the path and bring you to an awareness of its full potential faster.

My prayers are with you,


Excerpt: Author's Introduction

The Whole Wide Wonderful World

The whole world is very intimidating and overwhelming. Due to this, man has spent eons observing his world and then making it less intimidating and manageable for life? How does he do this? He divides his world into parts. He takes one part of life and creates divisions that allow him to slowly comprehend his world. Let us begin with what man perceives. He sees light and color, so he took all the light that he sees and divided it into colors such as yellow, red, blue. Those he labeled primary colors. Then he discovered that by blending those colors together you found other colors. Red and yellow made orange, blue and yellow made green, and red and blue made brown. And after a while, he had so many colors that he created shades of green, shades of red, shades of a color he was trying to describe. In this way, man organized color so that he could talk to others about what colors he was experiencing. He then had to teach others about colors and so as kids would say…. school began.

He took sights, sounds, touch, taste, temperature and created divisions that could be used to describe his world. Then he went further and began dividing up the celestial sphere into signs, the world into countries or continents, even the spoken word became a division of sounds called phonics. Everything is divided. What is key, is to share what you have divided, explain how many divisions were created, and what each division stands for.

If you divide colors, it is what that color looks like, sounds are divided into different tones, touch into what it is, a temperature, a vibration, a texture and all the other things that define the characteristics of what we experience in interacting with our world. What man never agreed on is how many divisions there needed to be. Some divided by 2 for male and female, others by 4 which are the number of seasons for most of the geographical regions where man lives. Some divided by 10, or the number of fingers on the hands and toes on the feet. Some divided by other divisions that were not always evident, such as the division of numbers beyond the simple counting of 1 to 10.

Then in each division was given a name and hopefully a description. So, when you are attempting to learn about someone’s work you should ask a few questions to fully understand the part of life you are dealing with. What part of life is this dividing? What was the characteristic that was divided? Why did you use the divisions that you used? What does each division mean or what characteristic is it meant to contain?

When these questions are asked, one begins to understand how to use that part of life that is being explained, how to mix them together, how to shape the world with them. What you must understand is that all things can be divided, all parts of nature can be compartmentalized and that the key to using them is to understand what the divisions are meant to reveal.

In learning about a new part of life, one should seek to understand what characteristic of life is being considered, why it is being divided the way it is, and what are the actual number of divisions. But know that in dividing things, often those things that are similar in nature can also be grouped into similar characteristics such as color, sound, touch, speed, gravity, as each is a division of wave lengths of light, sound, vibration, speed, and gravity.

In this text is presented a system that helps you to define the Law of Vibration. It is based on the understanding that numbers are used to define divisions of our world and that numbers can create the divisions that occur in the world. It is presented utilizing a numbering system that is known to most, the numbers of music. It could have been presented using any system of definitions but as music is universal and known to most, it makes sense to use that knowledge to present new information and thoughts. And music itself is the process by which the characteristic of sound as a wave is presented and a wave is a vibration. So, I ask the reader to accept that there is a basis that is presented, musical notes, but that in building the understanding some changes are necessary to the understanding.

Other Selected Excerpts From The Text

The following spiral images illustrate concepts from the text:

After determining the keynote, the related scale and major notes that will be played in the sequence becomes important. Growth in the markets is noted by many techniques… Fibonacci, Square Root of 2, Spirals, Geometric and Gann expansion levels. But which of all the numbers is the most important? Gann used Square root growth on his square of 9 which strongly correlates to the Law of Vibration as noted here. Others have used Geometry with square roots other than 2 for the growth. I would propose a generator of sequences/growth based on the Law of Vibration as exposed here, growth by the squares of numbers. The major point that all are searching for is the sequence that a market will follow so that an estimated price or time can be found. There are three which present themselves in the Periodic Table of numbers.
The square of 9 is an octave calculator which can be utilized for finding the notes and their value points in the octave for vibration work. The secret to the Law of Vibration and the square of 9 is to be able to utilize squares and square roots. As our system is based on this system and the esoteric/Biblical logic already explained it should be easier to grasp the structure of the square of 9. In most cases the square of 9 is presented without any additional instructions and often those that are given are not complete and leaves the user confused. Using the squares, the family of numbers and the logic presented at the beginning of this book will help the reader learn and understand the square.
Remember that the Hexagon chart and the Square of 9 are related and one should spend time mastering both. In this way, you can move from one chart to the other and gather the information that is necessary for the octaves work. Or you can do as so many in today’s world do…just use the computer and let it tell you what you need to find. BUT as a researcher I have found that physically using the square of 9 and my hands seems to bring a better understanding and mastery of the material that just looking at a computer screen.
In all cycle work, there is a point where two cycles can overlap and create a common time span which can cause an error in your study. The time span can make one consider that it is a specific cycle that is present. He cautions you to test the other possible cycles to make sure that your finding is correct.
Gann was very adept at hiding information in plain sight. As covered, the square of 9 is an octave calculator that works for price. He also taught it was used for time but there was a second “Time Calculator” that he used as well.
Remember that the key to Gann is the squaring of time and price and the squares of numbers. He has the square of 28 on a price chart in which he shows 28 points along the price (y) axis and 28 points in time along the time (x) axis. This is the squaring of price and time. In our Family of numbers, we have the numbers which create the different octaves listed under the octave: ____ heading. By using the numbers listed under the octave heading you will know that these are the numbers to create it.
Remember from above that there are three ways to find notes that will create a sequence 1) Dimensional growth 2) Squared numbers sequence 3) Multiplying notes (parents) to create notes. Each of these can create a sequence of expected notes when dealing with the moves of a market. A full study of a market and its prior bull and bear runs should help determine the progression of notes to expect in your market price. Time should correlate with the movement from one note to another note.
As noted in the section above about the notes and their percentages we can find points where significant support and resistance can occur. Gann’s retracement lines and related percentages are based on the idea that the prior highs and lows will hit “Octave notes” and the strongest being the “whole numbers” of the square of 9 i.e. perfect squares. If we take a whole number and then its 100% advancement, we will arrive at the next octave up of the number. 50% up will result in its opposite on the square of 9 and a 5th position while 50% down will give the lower octave of the note. It is in this way that the 100% and 50% levels above and below our note become critical as they represent the octave and its 5th.
In the lower time frames, we could find difficulty in getting the LOV to be seen as the steps between the numbers is so great a move in the market can be seen as being within a single note. The Thirds suggest a possible way to work with the inner space of the notes. When a number is multiplied 100 the result is a common sequence of numbers in the square root with a different placement of the decimal. In the Kabala of numbers which we used above as a source for the verification of numbers we also draw the divisions of a circle.
When you have constructed the squares correctly you will gain additional insight into the structure of your market. When placed correctly and working you will be able to see nodes of price as they rest at the fan lines. By measuring from node to node as seen below you will find an active cycle, Primary or Secondary.
The ability to find price and the length of time is critical to the Law of Vibration but to be able to move further in the analysis of our market charts, the use of Geometry is considered. To incorporate Geometry requires the evaluation of Polygon structures that are built by market moves.

In the initial phases in the study of Geometry, we learn of the sphere created by the circle raised into the 3rd dimension. Then we learn of the cube created by the square raised into the 3rd dimension. The triangle which become the tetrahedron and the octahedron and finally the pentagram which becomes the dodecahedron. Each of these represent the Platonic solids. All the reading from Plato, Kepler and others is to learn how these solids are developed and how one can begin to recognize them in nature. The same must occur in the markets. How do we learn to see them and determine which of the solids is present in our markets? To begin one must take the first step to recognize the elements of your chart that create the solid.
One hidden fact in the equation above is the presence of each dimension within the formula itself. The V represents the point of the creation (God). It has no length. The E represents the line which is a structure of the 1st dimension which has length but no width. The F represents the shape which is a structure of the 2nd dimension as it has both length and width. The cube represents the 3rd dimension as it has length, width, and height. What we are attempting to develop is an ability to see the different points of the solid and then combine those points into the solid itself.
One way to help see the polygons in a market and to develop your market’s waves in the different time frames is to look for the rotocenters of the price movement. The rotocenter represents the presence of the node and the axis of symmetry. The nodes in a chart are not restricted to a point on the price (y) or time (x) axis but can be on the diagonal (z) axis.

Rotocenters help to identify the axis of symmetry, vectors of the geometric solids, edges of the polygon and help to reveal the shape of the waves as not all waves are sinusoidal in nature. They can be skewed and it is usually due to the interaction of the harmonics of the fundamental wave. Practicing finding Rotocenters helps to learn the length of your markets waves as well as how they interact. When combined with the ideas of sections of market moves or Elliot waves a lot of information and understanding can be gleaned from the market charts.

Table of Contents

  • The Whole Wide Wonderful World
    • Resolving our system with Gann
  • Basis of Creation
    • Biblical Understanding
  • The Numbers and Their Squares
    • The Different Octaves
      • Gods/Creation octave:
      • Abraham’s Wives octaves
      • Octave 2: Abraham’s Family Octave
      • Key of Life Octave
    • The Squared Numbers in a Periodic Table of Numbers:
      • Historic sources
      • Equal Temperament versus the Squares in the Periodic table of numbers
      • The Relationships in the Family:
      • I is the Adult who has realized themselves by growing to perfection and creates the Octave written in the column head.
      • Confirming the Periodic Table of Numbers with a Kabala
      • Applying the numbers to the Markets:
      • Which numbers vibrate to which note?
      • Span of Notes
  • Scales
    • 12 Scales
    • Intervals of the notes of a scale:
    • Finding the Notes
  • Creating Growth via Sequences of Notes
    • Tied Octaves- Perfecting Oneself by Squared Numbers
      • Creation Table
      • Tied Octaves Notes:
    • Dimensional Growth or Perfection of the Dimensions
      • Creating the dimensional growth sequences:
    • Octave series Growth- Perfect Children (Boys and Girls)
    • The Parents: Creating but not Perfecting
      • Proving the Numbers of the Notes via the Parents
  • The Square of 9
    • Square of 9 Price Grid
    • Octaves in the Square of 9
      • Facts to observe about xxx octave
      • The xxx Octave of the Square of 9
      • The xxx/xxx/xxx Octaves and the square of 9
  • It is NOT Pythagorean!
  • Trigons of Numbers
    • Relationship of the Thirds
    • Trigons of the Numbers:
    • Trigons of Price
    • Trigons of Time
  • Time
    • The Number Cycles
    • Creating a Time Cycle
    • The Notes create the Time cycles
    • Time Cycles and their notes:
      • Major Cycles
      • Minor Cycles
      • Markets and the Law of Vibration
      • Time in the Market
    • 49/50-year Cycle: The Major Cycle of Stocks
    • Common joining points of cycles:
  • Price
  • Time & Price
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Periods chart for Soybeans
    • LOV Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Periods (Revised Gann Chart)
  • Getting Started with the Markets
    • Notes in the Market
    • Balancing Time and Price
      • Finding the Point of Balance
  • Gann’s Chart Analysis Tools
    • Gann Fans and the Law of Vibration
    • Squaring Time and Price in Dow - C creates C#
    • Support and Resistance lines
    • Support-Resistance Card
    • Time Tables
    • Time Counts Table
    • Master 360 Chart
    • Sections of Market Campaigns
    • General Rule of the Key notes of an Octave:
    • Creating a Price Target- First the inner octave
    • Stepping Out the Monthly Chart of the DOW
    • Key things to remember when working with the creation of price steps:
    • Possible Relationship of Market moves
      • Using the Trigons of Numbers (or xxx2 cycle or “E Interval cycle”)
      • In the DOW:
      • Inner Run
      • Balancing the Chord
      • Full Note Interval Spans
      • The Rule of 8ths or 7ths
  • First Steps in Law of Vibration
    • Law of Vibration in WTI- West Texas Crude
      • Long-Term Crude
      • Intermediate Crude:
      • Short Term Crude:
    • The DOW and building the squares
    • Nodes in the Square
    • Applying the Law of Vibration to the Markets
      • The Primary square (Long Term Cycle)
      • Intermediate term Chart:
      • Short term chart
    • An even shorter time frame:
  • Other Indicators and Issues:
    • Trend Line Indicator
    • Converting from Gann’s measures to Current prices and amounts
    • Scaling a chart or market
      • Example: DOW
      • Using the Scale
      • How to Determine Change in Trend or How to determine the cause of your change in trend.
      • Points of Comparison:
  • How to Draw?
    • A Note:
    • Time interval:
    • Gann Fan:
    • Interval square:
    • How do I know the Lines, Fan, Square is correct?
    • Culmination of Trend in DOW at xxxx point in time:
  • Blending the Intervals
  • Here’s Jerry! Baumring, A First Step to the bigger picture: Geometry
    • Finding the Polygons in the Market
    • Finding Rotocenters
    • Finding Lambda
    • Orbital shells and the Markets
    • Orbitals and Gann Fans:
    • Making it work!

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Customer – Customer ratings, reviews and comments. This is the only rating at most stores, but the least important for us, since anyone who rates these books poorly often will not understand their purpose or context. Our specialized curation demands that every book listed be important in a particular way. We do not include “bad” books in our catalog.
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THIS BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE AS A 750 PAGE PRE-PRINT PDF! The Online Forum has been open for 3 years and is filled with Lorrie's writings that are NOT in the course, as well as dozens of chart examples and tons of discussion in over 1200 posts.

We are currently in the process of the 4th and final editorial review which will be discussed in the Forum by the pre-order group as it is edited for final publication, expected by the end of 2020. If you would like to be the first to read the text, or to be involved in the work and edit early, please sign up now!

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PFS Grain Forecast
Prandelli 2014 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin
Prandelli 2014 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin
2019 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin by Daniele Prandelli. A Swing Trader's Forecast Based Upon Gann's Key Principles. The PFS Forecasting Model gives a model of the most expected highs, lows, turns and impulses and is then combined with Key Price Levels as determined by Gann's planetary longitude lines, creating a tradable forecast for the coming year.
Sepharial Horse Racing
Sepharial’s Master Racing
Sepharial’s Master Racing
Sepharial's Private Horse Racing Arcana are the most important of his astrological prognostication systems, sold only by private subscription. The Master Key. The Golden Key. The Eclipse System. The Solar Lunar Values. The Solar Apex Method. Sepharial's Form Guide. Sepharial's Tidal Law. Sepharial's Solar Apex.
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
The author correlates Gann's exact words to the science of Gann's day to illustrate his phrase "stocks are like atoms". Offering a system of "mathematical points of force" governing the structure through which the market moves, the emerging science of Periodic Table atomic elements provides a system of order through which to forecast.
Our collection contains a selection of works on physical development and health, from yoga, to theories of nutrition and the like based upon esoteric ideas and principles developed in different schools and traditions of thought.
Our catalog has fascinating fictional works which relate to our various fields of interest and present deep ideas from a dramatic perspective in a readable context. Books like Gann’s "Tunnel Through the Air" fall into this category, along with Alchemical allegories and metaphysical mysteries.
The Precession of the Equinoxes, of vital importance in the ancient world, relates to the passage of our solar system through 12 cycles of 2620 years over a 25000 year period. Ages of change (as in The Age of Aquarius) occur every 1 degree, taking 72 years, with longer cysles such as the Platonic Year, the Yugas, and the ages of Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Pythagoras, educated in Egypt and India, later founded a school on the Isle of Samos. His system of the Quadrivium: Arithemetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy, the 4 Classical Liberal Arts, provided a foundational curriculum for centuries. Pythagoras has been a major influence on many thinkers, including, Plato, Kepler and many modern philosophers.
Dr Lorrie Bennett
View our Dr. Lorrie Bennett pages
View our Dr. Lorrie Bennett pages
Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of few Gann experts to crack the Law of Vibration! 20 years of research led to the solution based on a complex code in Gann's texts. Following Baumring, Dr. Bennett explains the Law of Vibration in a 4 Volume Advanced Series revealing the Patterns, Numbers, Planets & Geometry behind Gann's secret trading system.
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