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Applied Gann Theory
 Applied Gann Theory
 Applied Gann Theory
There are two quite different sides to Gann analysis, the deeply theoretical, seeking to understand the essence of the science behind Gann’s market theory, the Law of Vibration, and the outright practical, looking for working tools and techniques that will help with applied trading. Though our greatest interest is in the cosmological theory behind Gann’s work, and the universe in general, we also specialize on the practical tools that traders need to specifically analyze and trade the markets. Some Gann experts excel at theory, while others are simply practical traders who are less focused on ideas in deference to trading techniques. This category will specifically focus upon the books and courses that provide very specific and applied tools from Gann’s toolbox used for real time trading. Some may explore deeper theoretical principles and some may just focus on pure trading tools, but this category will give working techniques to better fill the arsenal of any trader. We often recommend that new Gann students focus first on developing a practical trading ability, so that they can fund their future research with profits from their trades, and then also apply new insights from their theoretical study to their practical trading as they advance. This section will help to identify those most practical tools.
Daniel Ferrera
Daniel Ferrera
Daniel Ferrera
Dan Ferrera is one of the most respected market analysts and educators in the Gann field. For 20 years his works have been some of the most popular in our catalog. Aside from being one of the clearest interpreters of Gann, he also has produced his own advanced work, The Spirals of Growth & Decay, developed prior to his analysis and presentation of Gann’s theories. For those seeking a solid, Master’s Degree level education in technical Gann analysis, we cannot recommend anything more highly than Ferrera’s works.

Ferrera has written detailed course on every angle of Gann’s work and provides a fast track into a deep understanding of each field of Gann’s work as well as advanced topics in technical analysis. He has works on cycles analysis, Gann’s Square of 9, Gann’s Mass Pressure Charts, one on risk management and Gann’s swing trading system, another on the details of Gann’s complex geometrical and mathematical tools, one on astrological Bible interpretation, on teaching how to create yearly forecasts like his own yearly Outlooks, which give a prediction for each year, and more. If you are wanting to get a first taste of Gann and to save yourself years of hard work putting together his ideas, Ferrera is a perfect place to start, and walking through his series of fantastic is like getting a Master’s degree in Gann and technical analysis.
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History’s most intriguing financial analyst, forecaster and trader, W. D. Gann produced a 10,000% return with a 93% success rate in an audited 1909 interview. Gann said his market theory was based upon the Law of Vibration, leading scholars and analysts on a 100 year intellectual quest deep into  theoretical physics, alternative science and esoteric philosophy, seeking to understand a cosmological ordering system linking the financial markets to the influences of natural science.
Our most popular author, Dan Ferrera is a master of making complicated ideas easy to apply. His 9 courses present KEY elements of Gann Theory & Technical Analysis including Time Cycles, the Square of 9, Periodicity, Price Structure, Swing Trading and Risk Management, providing advanced tools for the average trader. His popular Yearly Outlook provides a fascinating and accurate analysis of market action.

Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration! After 20 years of grueling research she discovered a complex code in Gann's texts which led her to the full solution. Following in Baumring's footsteps, Dr. Bennett lays out the science behind the Law of Vibration in an intensive 4 Volume Advanced Series revealing the Patterns, Numbers, Planets & Geometry behind Gann's secret trading system.

Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have fully cracked W. D. Gann’s full Cosmological System! He reproduced Gann’s results, forecasting markets within 3 minutes of turning points. He extended Gann’s Law of Vibration into DNA Coding, Chaos Theory, & Topology, creating multi-dimensional, mathematical models of the markets, proving them to be a fully Deterministic System. The deepest Gann research sourcework ever compiled.

A Cambridge scholar who, intrigued by the challenge of Gann’s esoteric work created a powerful set of technical tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry, Celestial Mechanics, and Pythagorean Harmonics, which project Price, Time & Trend with exact precision. His 2nd course applies the Secrets of Ancient Astrology to forecast market turns & trends more accurately than the best works on Financial Astrology preceding it.
Cutting edge Space & Solar Researchers, Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck’s Space/Time Forecasting techniques are STILL more advanced than those of NASA or the current scientific community. The Hasbroucks produced 50 years of Market Forecasts with a 90% accuracy rate and were able to forecast Space Weather, Earthquakes & Geomagnetic Storms. Their advanced techniques develop a new Theory of Space Time Field Forces & Influence.

A penetrating researcher after Baumring’s lead into the core of Gann’s Cosmological System thru cracking Gann’s Squaring of Price & Time. Quantifies the mechanics of Gann’s innermost system demonstrating how markets move in multi-dimensional Space/Time. Includes new and sophisticated trading algorithms which generate 4000% annualized returns, mathematically proving the markets to be an Absolute Deterministic System.

Prandelli's work is very popular with swing traders due to the usefulness of his Gann tools which project Key Price Levels and Cyclical Turning Points. His courses present practical tools using Gann’s Planetary Longitude Lines and Master Time Cycle which combine with his KEY Risk Management & Trading Strategies to produce10-15% monthly returns consistently. His Yearly Forecast Bulletin provides his ongoing trading signals & strategy.

A profit generating Trading Strategy using Gann's best approach of Leveraged Position Trading to produce large profits from small capital using a powerful secret Options Strategy that maximizes profits through high leverage while greatly limiting risk exposure. Based upon Gann’s book, Profits In Commodities and the author's 20 years experience in Gann research and trading, this method is excellent for busy people with small capital.

A detailed exploration and analysis of W. D. Gann’s Mechanical Trading System illustrating Gann's trading strategy over a period of 15 years. Gann turned $3000 into $6 million over this period, producing a 1400% return in the first 8 months alone. This study provides the foundation that Gann required for ALL of his students before learning to forecast. These techniques still work today producing 570% return in the S&P in 2014 in 3 months!

A New Discovery of a Mathematical Pattern in the Gold Market which forecasts Gold's turns with an 85-95% accuracy over 40 years backtesting. A Scientific Proof of a Cyclical Pattern in the Gold Market which provides a 100 Year Forecast of Gold’s Major Tops & Bottoms and Bull & Bear Market Campaigns out to 2100. This insight will provide you with a series of highly profitable trades for the rest of your life!

The solution to Gann's Law of Vibration from the 1909 Ticker Interview. Penicka analyzes Gann’s exact words correlating them with the cutting edge science of Gann’s day to develop a system which identifies the “mathematical points of force” behind all market action. The Periodic Table of Elements determines a system of order based upon atomic structure which generates a master number set for each market defining its structure in price and time.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W. D. Gann’s private courses represent the most important of all of Gann’s writings, and go into much greater detail than his public book series, with which most people are only acquainted. They should be carefully studied in their full detail, as they contain the deepest insights into Gann’s theories ever presented. Stock traders must be sure to study all the commodity courses and vice versa, since Gann often put techniques that applied to all markets in only one or another course.

We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann, both his courses and books. Our set of Gann’s courses were initially collected and compiled by Dr. Baumring and Donald Mack in the 1980’s from dozens of original rare private course that were distributed by Gann throughout his career. Many people mistakenly think that Gann just wrote two courses called the Master Stock Course and Master Commodity Course. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Each of Gann’s “courses” were actually small, “sections” of a few pages to a few dozen pages, individually bound in paper folders. These various pieces were then compiled into different sets which he sold as various collections at different prices to different students over the decades. Some were more commonly sold to all students, while other were more secretive and sold only to close private students who often signed non-disclosure agreements, and paid exorbitantly high prices. It is these rarest pieces that make the difference between one collection and another.

The later courses Gann sold in the 1940’s and that he “called” the Master Courses were nothing but various compiled collections of these smaller pieces, and would vary according to who purchased them and what price they paid, and were never set until after Gann’s death when purchased by Ed Lambert. For instance, there are pieces that Gann advertised in the 1950’s as “new” like his Master Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions, or his rare #3 Master Time Factor Course which were never included in his “Master Courses”, and similarly were never included with any of the Lambert Gann courses sold by Lambert or the Jones’ from the 60’s until now. So these “master” courses are and have always been incomplete collections. Further, the Lambert Gann courses sold by Billy Jones through the turn of the century, were retyped and re-edited by Billy so that they did not provide the original unadulterated content that Gann produced, making them unreliable, edited versions. Our editions are exact facsimiles of the original copies sold by Gann, with no editing or adulteration of any kind.

Our 6 Volume set of Gann’s Collected Writings was further supplemented by new finds of rare pieces, like those mentioned above, rediscovered by the Institute over the past 30 years since Baumring’s death, and comprises the most complete and the only properly organized set of courses that are available. Gann has very particular sets that he sold only to his higher end clientele, placed in specific order to provide a particular logic to his work. Our collection maintains this order and includes a further collection of rare and historical courses, letters and private materials which make our collection the most complete and important collection available. Serious students of Gann should beware most “supposed” collections of Gann’s writings as most are unauthorized, incomplete, and distorted representations of his work, and cannot be trusted. Our set it the most reliable set of Gann’s unadulterated and most important work available…
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
While W.D. Gann’s own original work is a critical element for any Gann researcher’s collection, most people will find Gann’s work to be extremely vague, complicated and difficult to penetrate on their own. In our experience, it can take many years, if not decades for the ordinary analyst to, by themselves, digest and apply the deeper techniques of Gann’s, without significant help by well-seasoned analysts and traders who have dedicated years to decoding and creating practical tools from Gann’s techniques. This is why there is a fundamental and valuable secondary market of works presenting and developing Gann’s ideas, and making them accessible to any trader. We believe that the best teachers in this field are not competitors, but are fellow contributors to an ongoing field of research, and that their work is mutually supportive and will provide expanded insights when more material is understood.

We maintain the largest collection of secondary works on Gann Theory of anyone in the field. Many of these books we publish ourselves, and are written by top Gann experts and experienced Gann traders from across the world. However, we also review works written by other Gann experts across the field, and add to our catalog any material we consider to be of high quality and importance from the global community of Gann analysts. With our experience in the field, we are well qualified and to provide a peer review of these materials, so as to filter out the best quality work from that of a lower caliber, and then present these to our clientele who demand the highest standards. So any book or course that you find in this catalog can generally be considered to be of the upper echelon of works on Gann analysis. We have new authors submit their research to us ongoingly, so that we are always adding new items to our catalog with fresh insights, alternative techniques or new ideas. In this way we are able to save our clients significant wasted funds in exploring the territory at their own cost.

Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett Cracking the Code of Gann’s Law of Vibration

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About the Author

Dr. Bennett teaching W.D. Gann seminars in Australia, 2009 & 2010 
Dr. Bennett teaching W.D. Gann seminars in Australia, 2009 & 2010 

Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett is a master of the Law of Vibration and a true expert on the science of the great W.D. Gann. To our knowledge, she is the only living person to have ‘cracked’ the hidden techniques that underlie Gann’s cyclical, astronomical, geometrical, and astro-numerologically-based financial market forecasting system.

Dr. Bennett has assimilated the entirety of the sprawling legacy left behind by the late Dr. Jerome Baumring over 30 years ago, and has gone beyond it to discover several of W.D. Gann’s deepest secrets from his most esoteric publications: The Tunnel Through The Air & The Magic Word.

The Law of Vibration Series

The Institute of Cosmological Economics is proud to be collaborating with Dr. Bennett in the publication of a 4-Volume Master Series that contains the entirety of her teachings on the Law of Vibration. The Course Prospectus for the Series provides a general introduction and overview of this original and breakthrough program on Gann Analysis.

Dr. Bennett’s willingness to come forward and share everything – without the burden of secretive encryption, and in the transparent light of practical application – garners the beginning of a halcyon era in the evolution of financial market forecasting. To better appreciate the value of her work, her longtime associate Ken Macht has shared his thoughts and memories of her in his Introduction to Dr. Bennett and her Work.

Those who are fortunate enough to be living in these times have a truly unique opportunity to learn from the master through not only her books, but also via an interactive online forum where they will learn from Lorrie in a classroom environment, through the direct application of her teachings to more than a dozen financial markets in real-time.

Lorrie has a profound gift of seeing patterns and of perceiving the underlying order within whatever subject she directs her attention towards. Additionally, she has the gift of perceiving not only what is truly being said, but more importantly, what is not. She has taken on the works of W. D. Gann and Dr. Jerome Baumring in a total immersion. Her tenacity, will, and energy have been the sails, the current, and the wind of her voyage through the illusory and sometimes rocky waters of W. D. Gann.

- Kenneth Macht (from his Introduction to Dr. Bennett and her Work)


Young Lorrie, Alaska, 1950s
Young Lorrie, Alaska, 1950s

Below you’ll find a summary of the key moments in Dr. Bennett’s life that led to her discoveries in the Law of Vibration, and the role of the ICE catalog in her education. For more details on the history and development of this project click here. For a richer and more authoritative portrayal of Lorrie’s life and work we highly recommend that you read her short autobiography: Not Within the Boundaries of My Mind.

Early Years

Dr. Lorrie Bennett was born on a remote military base in the outback of Alaska. She is the daughter of a US Army Sergeant and a brilliant mom with a doctorate in education. Her parents divorced not long after her birth and she was raised by her mother whose most memorable words were, “You can do anything you want to do as long as you want to do it. And you may do anything you want, as long as you do not hurt yourself, others or other things.”

This encouraging and timely proclamation has fuelled an insatiable desire for knowledge that continues in Lorrie to this day.

Spiritual Schooling & Prescient Youth

One of the highlights of her schooling was her move to Summit University, a private spiritual school, at the age of 16. The school provided a foundation for her spiritual development and gave her the skills to overcome obstacles and transcend adversity.

During her 16th year she wrote a piece on the use of music in healing. Without her knowing it at the time, this document contained powerful truths that would become the basis of her greatest breakthrough in the work of W.D. Gann many decades later.

Lorrie undertook an undergraduate studies education in music, then subsequently transitioned to science. She completed her 3-year degree in 2, and subsequently went on to become a qualified practicing Chiropractor.

Family Life

Lorrie met her husband on her 22nd birthday and went on to raise a family of five children with him over the past three decades. Throughout her mothering years she did not lie idle; she not only maintained a busy Chiropractic practice but extended her education into Homeopathy, Internal Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Accounting and Law.

A Familial Connection to W.D. Gann

Dr. Bennett has a paternal connection to W.D. Gann. He was a cousin to her paternal grandfather, and furthermore, the character R. L. Cole from Gann’s Tunnel Through the Air is an actual person, and a great Uncle of hers. The Cole family is truly a family of Doctors and Preachers, as the book implies.

Dr. Bennett’s paternal grandfather – a cousin of W.D. Gann – delivering prayers to air force pilots on the the eve of D-Day in WWII.
Dr. Bennett’s paternal grandfather – a cousin of W.D. Gann – delivering prayers to air force pilots on the the eve of D-Day in WWII.

Connecting to The Institute of Cosmological Economics

In 2003 Lorrie Bennet contacted ICE to obtain copies of Dr. Jerome Baumring’s Seminar Series, Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration. At this time, she was already exploring the work of Rudy Bess, and had experienced some preliminary exposure to Dr. Baumring’s theories which she wanted to explore in their full detail.

We provided her with the complete set of Baumring Courses along with Julius Nirenstein’s accompanying Lecture Notes. A year later she contacted us again to purchase a new set of Baumring Lecture Notes by Alfred Freedman which we had recently acquired after his passing.

Accidental Blessings

In 2005 Lorrie suffered a bad head injury in an accident. This injury left her disabled and in need of a multi-year rehabilitation process. She decided to put a positive spin on this unfortunate development by engaging in a total immersion into the Gann-Baumring canon throughout her recovery.

It’s worth noting that there is a fascinating parallel between Dr. Bennett’s recuperation through Gann, and the imposed convalescence that Dr. Baumring was subjected to when his spine was badly injured in a car accident. In both cases, it was the enforced recuperation that facilitated the total immersion into and subsequent discoveries of Gann’s deepest work. Click here for more information about Baumring’s injury and Gann discoveries.

Right-Brain Perspectives

Dr. Bennett’s accident injured parts of her brain, leaving her left hemisphere more effected than the right, elevating her right brain to a position of dominance. She credits this right brain dominance to be The Key to her cracking Gann, as it significantly amplified her intuitive faculties and engendered a shift in perspective that enabled her to see the both the markets, and Gann, in a new light.

Lorrie’s Discoveries, in Her Own Words

Lorrie contacted us again in the summer of 2007 to acquire a new publication – The Gann Ellipse. At this point in time she provided a glimpse into the depth of the work she had been engaged in:

Once having cracked the door to Magic Word, I knew that I needed more knowledge. That is when I found Baumring. I needed a roadmap of how to navigate the footpath before me. I asked the question of whether anyone had found the answer, and it was his work that helped to bring more knowledge and understanding. It would be Baumring’s work that told me I had found the answer, as buried within the pages of notes on his lecture materials was a section discussing the DOW.

It was 2007 and the market was going strong. I had found a number span in Magic Word that I didn’t know where to put. I read the notes for the umpteenth time and saw the number. It was not just written but a quick calculation showed it. That was the moment I saw the 4th dimension for the first time. It was a blazing Sun that exploded through my head! And I knew it was right…

I had been working on faith that I had the code in Magic Word correct, and to find it in Baumring was the confirmation I needed. It was a few days later when I found the same number in the DOW. And WOW! We were at the end of the time! I knew the top was coming very soon. I shared it with people only to be laughed at and ignored. I sent it to someone who had worked at Janus Funds. He ignored it, then lost millions in the collapse…

Click here to read the complete statement.

Mastering The Law of Vibration: The Student Becomes a Teacher

It has taken considerable time for Lorrie to unpack, catalogue and master all of her discoveries. In her mastery she now possesses the ability to interpret the Law of Vibration from multiple cross-confirming perspectives: numerically, geometrically, harmonically, astronomically, astrologically, and more.

In recent years she has refined and validated her insights through not only profitable stock market forecasts, but also through the prediction of major weather and tectonic events.

As she developed her insights into mastery, she kindled the desire to share the jewels of her life’s work with an appreciative audience. She had decided that unlike Gann and Baumring, her teachings needed to be shared in the plain light of day, and without the secretive veil these masters used to conceal their systems.

Dr. Bennett believes that there is a value in this knowledge becoming more readily available to the world, as it serves a number of higher purposes beyond the scope of trading, as is explained in this ICE introduction to her work, The Higher Purpose of Gann Theory.

Privacy & Discretion

Lorrie’s desire is to share her hard-earned knowledge with a small and private cohort of Gann and Baumring enthusiasts who would appreciate both the depth of her insights, and need for discretion. She had valid concerns related to the possibility of her teachings leaking online. She informed us that if her books were pirated, she would quit writing and not make any more of her knowledge available to the public. Thankfully, The Institute of Cosmoeconomics has developed a series of anti-piracy measures over the years to ensure the integrity of her teachings. As part of this, the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement for access to her work is required.


The Law of Vibration Series

Dr. Bennett’s 4-volume series on the Law of Vibration will reveal the full technical details of Gann’s analytical, forecasting and trading system. It is presented in the form of 4 books with accompanying online interactive forums where students will work and learn in a virtual classroom environment with Dr. Bennett.

Volume 1 – The Law of Vibration by the Patterns

The 1st course, The Law of Vibration by the Patterns, is considered to be the “introductory” work to the series. It provides a set of extremely important technical foundations that lay the groundwork for Gann’s understanding of the market. It teaches the principles of Theoretical Wave Mechanics as a basis for learning Gann’s Law of Vibration.

A sample chart from Volume 1 portraying 2 forecasting methods 
A sample chart from Volume 1 portraying 2 forecasting methods 

The theory of Wave Mechanics views market action as the composite of multiple underlying component waves, or cycles, that are harmonically combined to create patterns and structures in the markets. When the underlying elements of these patterns are understood, they can be used to determine the cause behind the market and to project the expected outcome which follows.

The theories and principles explained in the book are applied real-time to the analysis and forecasting of more than a dozen markets, providing students with the logic and technical training required to translate the theory into applied practice of trading.

This volume is an essential prerequisite for volumes 2-4.

ICE Rating: 4 Stars
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Cosmological Economics
Book ID: 477
Publication Date: 2017
Reprint Date: 0000
Importance (ICE Rating) – Our catalog comprises a specific collection of research materials carefully curated over a century by experts (ie. Gann & Baumring) to provide specific references and foundations in key fields essential for understanding this science. This rating highlights the level of importance each book has to this specific field of study.
Originality – Defines the level of originality of each specific work in its field and in relationship to the overriding subject matter.
Difficulty – Defines the technical difficulty of each book, how much work it will take to digest. A book may not be the highest Level, but may still contain a difficult technical presentation. Similarly, a book may be very advanced but quite easy to read.
Level – Describes how advanced a book is, falling into the general categories of introductory, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.
Entertainment – Tells how entertaining or fun to read a particular book is. Obviously, this will depend upon the person reading it, but some books, though important, may be undeniably dry and boring, while others are utterly fascinating and totally engaging, such that you can hardly put them down.
Customer – Customer ratings, reviews and comments. This is the only rating at most stores, but the least important for us, since anyone who rates these books poorly often will not understand their purpose or context. Our specialized curation demands that every book listed be important in a particular way. We do not include “bad” books in our catalog.
361 Pages
1st Edition  
$2,000.00 (New Hardcover)
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This first in a four-part series lays the foundations for the understand of the science of W. D. Gann’s Law of Vibration.

A deep and valuable course, filled with information and tools that most analysts have never seen before. It is based upon an exercise originally presented by Dr. Jerome Baumring in the 1980’s as an essential first step in the development of an understanding of how underlying wave components, or cycles, are combined to produce a composite or summational wave.

Volume 2 – The Law of Vibration by the Numbers

The Law of Vibration by the Numbers offers the first of several ground breaking insights into the work of Gann. It unveils the 13 Sacred Numbers that are encoded into Gann’s The Magic Word, providing the basis for his system and the natural law/logic behind them.

A sample chart from Volume 2 demonstrating the influence of sacred numbers on both time and price in a market 
A sample chart from Volume 2 demonstrating the influence of sacred numbers on both time and price in a market 

Knowledge of these numbers is useless without the foundation in wave mechanics that is presented in Volume 1. This book is the primer for putting those numbers into wave form using a simple mathematically sequenced wave structure to teach it.

Click here for a complete description of this book

Pre-order Opportunity

This volume is currently available for pre-order at a discounted package price. The physical book is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Order This Item   
The Law of Vibration by The Numbers by Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett ( $6,000.00 )

The Volume 2 Forum is Live

Dr. Bennett has already opened the Numbers forum up to pre-order clients. She is revealing the core teachings from this volume in the forum and providing a range of forecasts that are more advanced than those presented in Patterns.

Pre-order customers – click here for private member's access to the Numbers Forum.

Volume 3 – The Law of Vibration by the Planets

This Volume includes much of Dr. Bennett’s most original work. It presents breakthrough insights into Gann’s original interpretation of Astrology, which bears similarity to ancient Hellenistic and Egyptian astrological methods.

This volume demonstrates which planets are responsible for time and price intervals based on numerical logic. By the end of the book the reader will understand how key planetary cycles tie to specific intervals, and will have the skills to build and test their own models.

This volume also includes her main decoding and interpretation of Gann’s Tunnel thru the Air. It includes instruction on the key Tunnel tools and cycles including:

  • Tel-Talk
  • Tunnels
  • St. Marie
  • Marie
  • Angle of Mercy
  • Bicycle
  • Pocket Radio
  • Radio Annulifier

Astrological approaches found in this volume will revolutionize the entire field of Astrology, if it were to be made public, perhaps even recovering the ancient system that has been long lost and much sought in recent centuries.

Click here for a complete description of this book

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The Law of Vibration by The Planets by Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett ( $7,500.00 )

Volume 4 – The Law of Vibration by the Geometry

This volume combines all of the knowledge, processes and tools from the first 3 volumes into a unified whole. Through this synthesis it presents a means in which to understand the 4th dimensional geometry of financial markets.

Spiral growth (example below), geometric shapes, and other mathematical and geometrical foundations are superimposed over the prior teachings to take the student’s metric and perceptual abilities to the highest possible level.

Click here for a complete description of this book

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The Law of Vibration by The Geometry by Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett ( $7,500.00 )

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Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Dr. Goulden takes a different approach to market analysis than most normal traders and educators. As a Cambridge educated scholar, Goulden is interested in deep principles and in exploring the foundations and implications of both trading techniques and the systems behind them. Before he was ever interested in the markets, he was asked by a friend why Gann’s tools and system are considered to be based upon metaphysical principles. He found this question intriguing and engaged in deep research in the field to answer this question. In this process he recreated a new set of tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry and Celestial Mechanics. His tools are taken from the same sources as Gann’s and are quite powerful, but are slightly different from Gann’s, so that traders often use them as non-correlated cross-confirmation tools giving similar technical indications but from different perspectives.

His work is deep and has many layers of application and exploration that can be derived from it. His latest work on financial astrology, The Secrets of the Chronocrators, looks back to the astrological and astronomical systems of the ancients, reviving the more mathematical and technical astrology of the Great Masters of the medieval and prior times. Exploring principles like Spherical Astronomy and subtle movements of the Solar System, it seeks to develop a more advanced and scientific system of astrology determination as distinguished from the simpler forms that are generally known. It represents a new movement to re-explore the deeper scientific systems of the ancients that were lost in the press towards the development of a purely mechanical science.

Goulden is a superb educator and the most active Forum moderator that we have seen, with each of his Forums for his courses having 1000’s of posts with detailed questions and answers, deviling deeply into further and new fields of research beyond what is presented in his courses. His Online Forums serve as an advanced classroom where the details of his theories are discussed and elaborated and where students share their research and work with each other while overseen by Goulden, who continually presents new ideas and suggestions.
Hasbrouck Space and Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
One of our great historical discoveries is the Hasbrouck Space-Time Archives, a collection of rare research materials and forecast letters lost for over 30 years. This research develops a new theory of market influence based upon Solar Field Force Theory that was developed during the birth of the space age. The Hasbroucks were deeply connected to the esoteric and financial market communities from the 1920’s through the 1970’s, and contributed a new and recontextualized presentation of information taken from older original esoteric sources. They present a new field of study of solar phenomena, space weather prediction, earthquake prediction and market forecasting.

Muriel Hasbrouck was the inspiring force behind the research, which a foundation in Theosophy and trained as a classical pianist, she pursued an interest in original source works in astrology, through the turn of the 19th century into the early 20’s. She studies with greats like Walter Russell, Paul Foster Case, Aleister Crowley, and Israel Regardie within the esoteric fields. In the market realms she was close with many of the great analysts of her day like Edson Gould, Edward Dewey, Hamilton Bolton, SA Nelson, and more. She and her husband Louis produced a well-received forecasting letter for 30 years called Space Time Forecasting of Economic Trends, and are now quite famous for forecasting the exponential bull market of the 90’s and subsequent crash 50 years in advance! Their theories of Solar influence upon human and earthly experience through geomagnetic influences still lie at the cutting edge of scientific speculation.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. However, even further, Baumring rediscovered and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is absolutely no other Gann teaching that goes anywhere near as deep as Baumring’s work, or that even so much as attempts to approach the core ideas developed by Baumring. This study is for those who are interested in the mysteries behind the markets and the ordering system behind the universe itself. This is the study of cosmological theory on its deepest level, and of the interaction between man and the cosmos in which he lives, explored through an examination of causation and propagation of forces in the financial markets.

Dr. Baumring’s course program is not easy, and should not be approached without the willingness to commit at least a few years to the study. It is a long and detailed course, requiring the equivalent level of research and difficulty as most PhD programs, but in the field of Gann Analysis, which is not taught at any university. It requires many years of challenging work including the reading of many dozens (if not 100’s) of books required to develop the foundations needed to understand Gann’s approach to the markets. It is a very serious study that should only be approached by those willing to dedicate themselves to intense thinking and vast research across many fields of knowledge including: astronomy, biology, physics, finance, cycles, wave mechanics, geometry, mathematics, astrology, numerology, number theory, numerous esoteric and alternative scientific theories, and much, much more. Baumring summarized his system by the term “Numerical Astrophysics” in an attempt to give a modern name to an ancient theory that Gann himself had discovered.

Of all the analysts and traders we have known, the most advanced have all come to their understanding through following the lead of Dr. Baumring, or through having gone through a similar and parallel study and path of research to his. His teachings represent the “best of the best” of all material on Gann publicly available, but it will not give up its secrets to a mere superficial perusal. Baumring does not spell out simple explanations of how Gann’s techniques work, but rather leads his students into the depth of the science behind the system, while slowly elaborating how the techniques build upon this deeper science. For those seeking a fast path to the application of Gann exoteric trading principles, this is NOT it! Baumring’s work is not merely some market trading program, and indeed if approached this way may be found to be dissatisfactory.

Baumring himself often said to his students, “If you only are looking to make money, don’t bother studying Gann, it’s too difficult. Simply study swing trading systems, risk management and options strategies, and you can make all the money you want to make.” (Note: we have excellent books on these alternatives…) There are much easier and more direct methods to learn to effectively trade the markets than studying Gann. Those in more of a hurry to apply Gann’s work to trading may want to begin with the work of Ferrera or one of our most applied analysts, like Prandelli or Gordon Roberts, and save the Baumring work for a later time to explore at your leisure.
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